We are working with several international and national names in the Hospitality, Tourism and Food Trade Sector over their diverse legal needs such as licensing, franchising, establishment of retail outlets, digital presence, contracting, sub-contracting, agreements, tax planning, organisational structures, etc. Our services also cover protection of intellectual property rights, protection and risk advisory against coercive statutory actions.

In the last few years, we have played a key role in transition of several leading brands from a domestic or localised presence to development of franchises and company operated units across different cities and overseas. In the process, we have guided through incorporation of new entities, specialised joint ventures, infrastructure compliances, protection against consumer complaints and compliances under the Food Safety standards. We are also catering to the legal requirements of the tourism, both offline and e-commerce.


#Trendingtrademark: Protection of Hashtags on Social Media

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Design (Amendment) Rules, 2021

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You Tube’s Terms of Use: Playing the Brands’ Band

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Extinguishment of prior criminal liabilities of a Corporate Debtor: A safety armour for Resolution Applicants

The jurisprudence developing around the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (hereinafter referred to as ‘I & B Code’) is, nowadays, focused on affording protection


Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code: A catalyst to Business and Investment in India

I & B Code vis-à-vis Ease of Doing Business The Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code has proved to be one of the key legislative reforms that has, and continues,


Cross Border Insolvency under the I & B Code, 2016: The road ahead

Law relating to cross border insolvency concerns itself with Indian financial creditors having claims upon defaulting companies which are global, or global financial persons having claims

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