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Through this panel discussion our expert panelist Mr. Suhas Bendre,Senior Vice President – Regulatory Reporting Services at HSBC Bank and Ms. Shreya Jeet Counsel, Public Policy Lead at Areness, will dive into the topic of FDI, its significance ,current trends and Challenges.FDI is the heart and soul of economic growth, it promotes cross-boarder collaborations that amplifies innovation and drives progress.

In this exchange, our panelistwill provide valueable insights, case studies and share their personal experience of how FDI benefited them, thereby unravellingthe power of FDI nd it’s significance in catalysing economic growth.

They will further explore the ever-changing landscape of global investments, from the exciting opportunities that FDI presents to the challenges it entails.

Our Speakers

Anjali Jain

Partner, Areness

10 years of experience in Insolvency and Restructuring Practice, active member of INSOL International, prominent figure in national and international forums.

Anil Kumar Chaturvedi

Senior Consultant, Areness

Advocate & Ex-Judicial Officer with 37 yrs of experience in legal & quasi-judicial field. With expertise in corporate law and governance, he served as Regional Director for the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Rajeev Ranjan Shahi

Associate Partner, Areness

13+ years of rich experience in Legal advisory services with core focus on Cyber Law, Information Security, Privacy Law and Intellectual Property Rights.

Shreya Jeet

Counsel, Public Policy Lead, Areness

5+ years of experience across legal consulting in Public Policy, International Law, Aviation Law, Sports Law & Environment Law.

Ishita Mehrotra

Senior Associate, Areness

Seasoned legal professional specializing in Intellectual Property Rights. Skilled in IP portfolio management, HR policy formulation, due diligence reporting, dispute resolution, and agreement analysis.

Our Partners

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