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The aviation sector plays a vital role in connecting people and enterprises globally. The civil aviation industry in India is one of the fastest growing third largest markets in the world expected to acquire the top spot by 2030. Our team of aviation lawyers specializes in constantly evaluating the changing regulations, authorities, and market factors from country to country. Working with several industry veterans, we have reasonable experience and exposure to matters related to the Aircraft Act, rules, and regulations by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA. We have also been advising different stakeholders in compliance arising out of these rules and regulations. We have participated in several litigations from the DGCA, Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation to the Supreme Court of India of the Aircraft Act, especially related to matters such as commercial licenses, claims, etc.

With proven n expertise in delivering expert aviation legal advice across jurisdictions and providing clients with seamless legal support at all levels, our practice in the aviation sector spans from restructuring and financing to domestic and international dispute resolutions. Our distinguished service can be analyzed through our diverse clientele.

The Aircraft Act 1934 is one of the key aviation laws in India, laying down the basic regulations of civil aviation in India. Some of the major issues like aircraft registration, pilot licensing, navigation, and regulation of air traffic control are covered under this act. Not only this but the aviation law in India is also governed by several other laws and regulations like The Airport Corporations Act 1953, The Carriage by Air Act 1972, The Airports Authority of India Act 1994, The Aircraft Accidents Investigation Bureau (AAIB) Act 2017, and The Air Transport Agreement Act 2020, ensuring an efficient and safe operation of aircraft and airports.

Having a prominent presence in the aviation sector for more than a decade, and extensive experience with regulatory authorities, we have developed a strong relationship with regulatory and government agencies. Being among the best aviation consulting firms in India and abroad, we help our clients with tailored and effective aviation business solutions. We also assist in sale, lease of aircrafts, parts, clearances, licensing, etc. Also, we are working with several companies with their interests and stakes in the aviation sector ranging from services to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), airport maintenance contracts, manpower supply, ground handling services, etc.

Our aviation law team at Areness will never make you feel taken aback by their approaches, strategies, and processes. With appropriate legislation, continuous check on quality, cost, and passenger interest, and the right consultation from the best aviation firm, India will be in the right direction to become a leader in the aviation industry.

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