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The Indian capital market has exponentially grown in terms of market capitalization, investor’s base, resource mobilization, trading volumes, and number of listed stocks, followed by a significant change in the investors’ profiles, issuers, and intermediaries. The improvement in framework and efficiency in trading and settlement, has uplifted the Indian Capital Market qualitatively in comparison to other developed markets.

Before moving further, it’s essential to understand what is Capital Market and Securities Law, and how the two are interrelated. Securities Law and Capital Market are closely connected to grow and operate, Capital Markets acts as the best platform, and Securities Law helps to ensure that the Capital Markets are fair, safe, and efficient for investors.

Our expertise in the field encompasses a wide range of practice areas including advising and acting as counsel to issuers and market intermediaries in connection with initial public offerings, follow-on public offerings, rights issues, private placements, qualified institutional placements and buyback of listed securities. Our core understanding of the legal and regulatory regime is greatly recognized and appreciated.

We advise clients on obtaining registrations with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) under various securities laws. We assist in private placement and public issuance of listed companies involving mandatory public offers, block deals and bulk deals, and delisting of already listed companies from Indian stock exchanges. As the experts in our niche, we provide solutions for a variety of intricate issues under Indian Securities Law, including insider trading, fraudulent practices, corporate, and compliances with listing regulations.

The team of experienced professionals at Areness acts as the torchbearer for clients belonging to domestic and international investment banks, and companies from different sectors in India. We provide advice regarding fundraising by multiple investment funds, open offers, and regulatory advice pertaining to compliance and corporate governance in securities-related laws.

We have always played a primary role in matters relating to Capital Markets and Securities Law for private parties, government, and public sector undertakings (PSUs). We help clients with initial public offerings (IPOs), offers for sale, global depository receipts offering, matters regarding Indian securities laws, qualified institutions placements, public offerings, foreign currency convertible bond offering, and listing of debt instruments.

Our securities lawyers provide legal counsel to merchant bankers in public takeovers, and corporate restructuring, including delisting, mergers, demergers, buybacks, securities litigation, relisting, and reverse mergers. We also conduct regulatory audits of listed companies and regularly help clients on Securities Law issues such as corporate governance, insider trading laws, and disclosures under listing agreements.

Our experienced team of lawyers has always been at the forefront of tracking and influencing the evolution of the Securities and Capital Markets in India. The team is highly regarded for their in-depth solutions, and timely practical advice on fundraising programs like QIB placements, institutional placement programs, IPOs, rights offerings, REITs, INVITs, FCCBs, and follow-on public offers.

Due to divergent understanding of securities regulations, we also provide advisory services to intermediaries like foreign institutional investors, merchant bankers, depository participants, mutual funds, stockbrokers, portfolio managers, etc.

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