Joint Ventures & Public Private Partnerships

From advising at all stages of the joint venture transaction, from planning to the incorporation of the joint venture company and addressing related legal compliance to devising viable methods of investment best suited to the needs of the venture, we also conduct negotiations, due diligence, draft agreements and also advise on ancillary issues such as exits, dissolutions, takeovers, amendments, licensing, taxation, etc.

When it comes to opportunities for our clients working with the Public Sector through strategic partnerships such as Public Private Partnerships, we commence our guidance from structuring/ restructuring and negotiations and amendments in a bid or a tender document to ensure viable and economically feasible performance and thereafter we support our clientele in complying with requirements laid down under the requirement and also guide through till the process of completion of the project and also support in resolution of disputes, if any. We also support in drafting of agreements where multiple parties are involved ensuring the rights and obligations of each party are comprehensively covered.

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